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Learning where to start is hard…

Navigating the digital landscape can be overwhelming.

With the myriad of tasks involved in running a successful digital marketing campaign, finding the right starting point for automation is no easy feat.

That’s where we come in.

Are you drowning in a sea of repetitive tasks, struggling to identify the most impactful areas for automation?

Our Business Automation Service is designed to be your compass in the vast digital marketing realm.

Customer Case Study

Automating in 3 Phases

Orbita Viagens is a travel agency that orgazines and fulfills tourism travel plans and itineraries between customers and travel providers.

The Challenge

Orbita Viagens wants to digitalize their services.

Problem was that the team was not proficient and the streamline process is quite tedious.

For each new customer, there is a need to send a pre-determined budget.

The time to ratio of closing each deal was quite slow.

Computer illustrations by Storyset

The Solution

Creating a 3 phase automation process to streamline sales.

Speed up the process from MQL to SQL!

  • Phase 1: Meta to Google Sheets
  • Phase 2: Meta to Google Sheets to Email Marketing
  • Phase 3: Meta to Google Sheets OR Website to Email Marketing


430 leads in just 30 days at a CPL of 0,80€.

  1. Close-to-deal ratio is quite low: 1%
  2. Increased email reply rate from 50% to 65%.
  3. Sales team follow-up rate is quite low and only via WhatsApp: 10% 

Next steps are to create an 3 Email Marketing flow and a Sales Pitch, so the sales team can only follow-up via phone to all email replies..

Fully Automated Campaigns

After discovering what works, we are 100% for automating all of the work.

If we can automate it, we will do it!

More time to think, less time to execute.

Don't Just Trust Our Word, Trust Theirs!

The thing that we value the most are our customers.

Most agencies don't RETAIN their customers, we believe that customer retention is key to success!

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I'm eating my words, you've proved that I was wrong here!!!

Attached are two order we received this afternoon.

It would be good if you started it up again as it quite clearly worked!

Check original quote here

Vaughan Tennent

CEO, Aligne

thank you very much for sending the report. I am super impressed/blessed and happy about those results. I did not know that such numbers could be achieved in practice.

I told my father about it and he didnt believe me, so I sent him the reports.

Check original quote here

Alexander Colloredo-Mansfeld

Deputy CEO, Hubertus Loden

(Pedro's) contribute has been more than what he was hired to do.

He gets involved, shares things, is part of the results, strategizes and reports back. could exist and grow without Pedro? Yes it could, but it would not be he same thing.

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Silvia Correia


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