Case Study: 100 Leads in 30 Days | CPL <€3

Sep 27, 2023

Meadow Group was a new brand that operates in the Credit for the Housing market and that had zero brand awareness when it launched in April 2023.

Their main focus was to provide individuals with several credit options and to help them in the process of acquiring their new house.

The Challenge

Meadow Group is not a known brand (that eventually had a merger later in July 2023 by a franchising group), and that operates in a pretty hard market that is the housing credit market.

With zero brand awareness and trust, their main challenge is volume of leads to get the most possible amount of deals.

The Solution

With a low ad spend of around €300/month they wanted to have the highest amount of leads.

Since the market is quite hard and challenging we approached this challenge via Meta Ads.

We tested several audiences with a total of 19 Ad Sets and 200 different Ads! 


100 leads in just 30 days at a CPL of 300€.

After that we developed some Automated Email Marketing Campaigns that had a open rate of 60% and a click rate of 7%.

We had to stop 60 days after starting because the group merged with another brand, but with this kind of metrics, we know that in 12 months Meadow Group would be in the top 5 credit brands in the market for Portugal.