Case Study: 5 Months – 10x ROAS on Google Ads

Sep 27, 2023

Hubertus Loden is a manufacturer of a specific type of wool that is only made in Germany.

This is a niche product mostly for hunters and that has a lot of traction, but that is only sold in the end of the year.

The challenge was Hubertus Loden launching a new Ecommerce website and wanted to increase the revenue from their sales, with an objective of getting an average of 3 to 4x ROAS.

The Challenge

Since Hubertus Loden works in a niche market and faces a lot of competition, running generic Pay-per-Click campaigns would bring the same results over and over.

Also this is a product that is sold only during the end of the year because of the raining season, and that as almost no searches during the Summer.

Computer illustrations by Storyset

The Solution

Creating specific searchs ads for all of the store products, and discovering what would be the best search terms that most competitors are not using.

With this we discovered what would be the optimal products from more than 100 available products to keep promoting and that would face little to no competition.


10x Recurring ROAS per month from December 2022 to April 2023.

PS: we had a low ROAS in May because the Credit Card expired (now in August 2023 we are again with 10x ROAS)